Denture Center is here to serve your denture needs and we have more than 40 years' experience improving people's smiles. Two generations of learning, consulting training, gaining skills and experience. We are a family business, and we treat you as family, too. We handle every request with the utmost care and professionalism.

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Rob Carnahan, Founder & Denturist

In 1997, I graduated from Dental Institute of Dental Technology in Tustin California, first in my class. I got a job in the dental technology field and after two years, I bought the Sandpoint Dental Lab and became an independent fabricator of dental appliances.

After three years at the lab, I was extended an invitation from the Montana Senior Citizens to participate in an initiative to create a licensing program. At this time, denturists were not allowed to practice in Montana. So, I sold my dental lab and moved to Missoula, and after one year of promoting for this idea of a licensed denturist, it was finally presented to the voters of Montana.

The initiative passed by popular vote in 1984, and the licensing program finally became a reality. In 1985, I received Denturist licensing #5 making me one of the first practicing denturists in Montana, and shortly thereafter I opened the Arrowhead Denture Center.

After several years as a sole practitioner, I took a partner, and we became the Western Montana Denture Center. By then, we had also opened an additional office in Hamilton to better serve our clientele in Western Montana.

After a ten year partnership, my partner retired, and we dissolved the Western Montana Denture Center, and I became the Denture Center, with offices in Hamilton and Missoula. At this time, I was also joined by my son, Wes who had recently graduated from the denturist program in Washington, thereby ensuring that the people in Western Montana will have the best care for time to come!

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