Comprehensive On-Premise Denture Services

Denture Center offers an extensive range of services, from new and replacement dentures and partials, to maintenance and repairs. Quality is our number one priority. We never cut corners or take shortcuts. Smiling is serious business, and we are here to help! We’re a family, and we strive to make our customers feel like family, too!

With us, denture services are affordable and have no hidden fees. We offer free consultations and have a veteran discount available!

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Medicaid Accepted Denture Center Missoula

Dentures Made In Montana


We offer premium hand-crafted acrylic dentures right here in our office. We don't send anything out to a third party dental lab. Who you see in the office is who will be making your dentures.

Denture Partial Montana Office


We offer a range of partials from metal framework partial to a flexible partial.

Denture Repair Near Me


We offer quick in-office repairs for our Missoula customers. We've seen it all, so there is no need to be embarrassed or worry! So next time your dog gets a hold of your partial or dentures, we will do our best to get you back to 100% efficiently.

Refitting Dentures Office Near Me


Over time the gums will lose how well they relate to the denture. If your denture is starting to feel loose or you're using a lot of adhesive, you might be in need of a refit or reline. Another sign you need refitting is wobbly dentures or excessive denture adhesive.

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