Frequently Asked Questions

Should I soak my Dentures? You can soak your dentures over night or use a toothbrush to brush away debris if needed

If a tooth comes out can I use super glue? You can use superglue for a quick fix but it will make it harder for us to repair in the lab

Why doesn't m lower have suction like my upper? The upper can cover the pallet and your able to draw the air out for suction, a lower denture has to be horseshoe shaped to accommodate the tongue.

How long do dentures last? This depends on how aggressive you are with them or if you grind your teeth. as the teeth wear down youll have a harder time breaking up food this is usually the indicator for needing a new set.

How do I clean my dentures? You can soak them in a cleaning solution or you can manually clean them with a denture/toothbrush

How long does it take to get use to dentures? This is hard to say since everyone is different but there is a learning curve with dentures that takes time to get the hang of.

How much adhesive should I use? This is dependent on a couple things, how much ridge you have and how snug they are. The paste adhesive is the best for hold but the powdered adhesive is easier to clean.

What is the difference from an immediate denture and a regular denture? An immediate denture is where we make the denture while you still have your teeth and they would be inserted after your extractions.

Why do I make more saliva after getting my dentures? Your mouth thinks there is something in the mouth and will make saliva to try and flush it out this usually only lasts for a week or so.

Why is my ridge shrinking? Over time your bone/ridge will shrink but what will make it shrink faster is if the denture is really loose and the pressure is shifting around the mouth. This will do one of two things, expedite ridge resorption or make your ridge flabby and movable.

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